Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH & Co. Sport KG, Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany and Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH & Co. Gastronomie KG
§ 1 Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions

(1) The Wellenwerk Berlin (hereinafter referred to as “Wellenwerk”) is an indoor surfing facility (citywave) with attached gastronomy (two bars, a main restaurant , a sun terrace and an outdoor area), relaxation garden and surf shop. This website and the Wellenwerk are operated by Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH & Co. Sport KG, Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany (hereinafter “we”, “us”).
(2) We offer surf sessions, surfer multiple cards, surfer annual cards, vouchers, surf vouchers, gastronomy vouchers and experience vouchers (combinations of surfing and gastronomy vouchers), combined vouchers with our partner companies, merchandising products (e.g. textiles and surfboards), as well as other Wellenwerk products and services.
(3) If you purchase our products in our online shop on this website and then visit the Wellenwerk, including the catering and outdoor areas, the access roads and the parking spaces, these General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) apply.
(4) Please note that indoor surfing on the citywave is subject to special participation rules, which are referred to in Wellenwerk, among other things, by notices. The Restaurant Act, the Youth Protection Act and other public law regulations apply to the catering sector.

§ 2 Products
(1) Vouchers, value vouchers, surf tickets, annual tickets, multiple tickets, gastronomy vouchers can be purchased for our offers.
(2) The surf voucher is a voucher available for a certain number of surf sessions, which entitles the holder to use this experience within the specified time for the scope of services listed on the voucher at an available time to be agreed with us. The surf voucher is redeemed via our website and the selected surf session is booked via our online calendar, subject to availability.
(3) The surf ticket is a ticket for a specific surf experience on a specific date. The holder of the surf ticket is entitled to use the surf session with the scope of services listed on the surf ticket on the specific date selected at the time of purchase.
(4) The multiple card is a variant of the surf voucher and is available in the variants 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 multiple cards. The multiple ticket only entitles the named beneficiary to use the service within the scope of the number of surf experiences of 90 minutes each stated on the multiple ticket at the Wellenwerk. Surf slots not used at the end of the validity period cannot be used. A payout, even pro rata, is excluded.
(5) The annual pass is available in blue and gold versions. The annual card in the gold version only entitles the named holder to use an unlimited number of surf sessions within 365 calendar days of redemption. The annual pass in the blue version only entitles the named holder to use an unlimited number of surf sessions from Monday to Friday within 365 days of redemption. Annual pass holders are entitled to participate in surf sessions without prior booking. Excluded from this are surf sessions that are rented exclusively to groups or individuals, as well as individual days that are used for maintenance work. A claim for reimbursement for the named periods in favor of the holder of an annual ticket is excluded. The annual ticket is expressly non-transferrable.
(6) In the event of misuse of annual tickets, we are entitled, after a corresponding warning, to block the card in question for further use and, if necessary, to confiscate it. Misuse occurs in particular if the card is made available to third parties for use.
(7) The gastronomy voucher is a value voucher that is issued either for a specific nominal value in euros or for a specific product. The owner is entitled to use the gastronomy voucher within our gastronomy for the consumption of food and/or drinks as a means of payment.
(8) The voucher is a voucher with a nominal value in EURO that can be used as a means of payment for all offers from Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH & Co. Sport KG. and Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH & Co. Gastronomie KG. can be used. The voucher is not personalized and transferable.
(9) Merchandise Products are in particular products of the B L N C brand and other products that are sold in our in-house surf shop. The products offered are mainly textiles and accessories for surfing.

§ 3 Conclusion of contract and description of services
(1) The offer of our items in our online shop is not an offer to the buyer to conclude a purchase contract, but merely an invitation to you to submit an offer aimed at concluding a purchase contract with us.
(2) You submit the binding offer aimed at concluding a purchase contract with us as follows:
(3) We accept what you have submitted for the conclusion of a purchase contract with us with the order confirmation. When you receive the order confirmation, the contract with us has come about. The order confirmation is attached to these terms and conditions as well as the instruction on the right of withdrawal in text form on an electronic data carrier (PDF file) immediately after the conclusion of the contract. You can save and print out the content of the contract. The content of the contract is saved by us.
(4) After full payment of the purchase price, we will immediately send you the product purchased from us.
(5) The contract language is German.

§ 4 Physical requirements for using our offer
(1) Surfing the Citywave requires a minimum level of physical and personal fitness. You confirm that you have met the minimum requirements by signing the declaration of participation in the run-up to your surf session.
(2) Surfing on the Citywave is possible with us from the age of eight and from a minimum weight of 30kg.
(3) A prerequisite for surfing on the Citywave is proven swimming skills at least at the “Seahorse” level. By signing the declaration of participation, you confirm that you have this knowledge.
(4) Children up to the age of fifteen must wear a suitable helmet for the duration of the surf session. You are welcome to bring it with you, or you can borrow it from us free of charge for the duration of the surfing session.
(5) Children and young people up to the age of eighteen require a written declaration of consent from their legal guardians to participate in a surf session, which is available from us and must be presented to us before the start of the surf session and will be archived by us.
(6) A prerequisite for participating in a surf session is a good mental and physical condition. Surfing on the Citywave is not suitable for pregnant women, people with back, shoulder and joint problems, people with acute injuries, people with heart and circulatory problems, people with contagious diseases and open wounds or other physical complaints that are caused by participation could worsen during a surf session on the Citywave.
(7) Rental products such as the surfboard for use on the Citywave, the wetsuit, the lycra shirt and an optional helmet are provided to you on loan for the duration of your surfing session. You will not incur any additional costs by taking advantage of this offer. You are free to bring your own surfing equipment and use it on the Citywave.

§ 5 Visitors with disabilities
(1) The Wellenwerk is barrier-free and we welcome visitors with disabilities.
(2) We will make special efforts to allow people with disabilities to participate in a surfing session and, if in doubt, seek individual solutions. In individual cases and in the case of severe physical impairments, participation may be impossible. In order to avoid this, we ask you to contact us in advance and to find an individual solution together.

§ 6 Redemption of our vouchers
(1) The holder of one of our vouchers is entitled to use the service for which the voucher was issued under the applicable conditions and these General Terms and Conditions.
(2) In the case of a voucher that is used as a means of payment at the shaft plant, the difference remains as a credit on the voucher if the price of the product purchased with this voucher is lower than the nominal amount on the voucher. This difference can be used to purchase additional products from the shaft factory. A payment of the difference is excluded. If the price of the product to be purchased from Wellenwerk is higher than the face value of the voucher, you must pay the difference.
(3) Vouchers can be redeemed within the statutory limitation period of three years and the services can be used within this period. Different redemption periods apply to surf tickets and surfer annual passes (§ 2 (3), (5)).

§ 7 Transferability of vouchers and surf tickets
(1) Our vouchers are freely transferable and can be redeemed by the respective holder, provided that the requirements of § 4 are met.
(2) After the binding booking of a surf session, a transfer is only possible according to the regulations of § 9 (1) (rebooking).
(3) Annual Surfer Passes are non-transferrable. They only entitle the named beneficiary to use the service.
(4) When transferring a voucher to another, reference to the validity of these GTC is mandatory.

§ 8 Rebooking
(1) A rebooking of the booked surf session is possible up to 72 hours in advance. After this period, a rebooking is no longer possible.
(2) If you do not show up for a booked surf session, the entitlement to benefits is forfeited without replacement.

§ 9 Prices
All prices quoted are total prices and include the statutory value-added tax.

§ 10 Means of payment
In our online shop we accept the payment methods bank transfer, PayPal and credit card payment.