Surfing in Berlin

never again landlocked in Berlin!

No matter if you are a beginner, advanced or professional – you will love our wave!

While indoor surfing on a standing wave, the fun factor and unique body feeling are most important. Not just the wave height, but also the flow speed can be individually adapted to the needs of the surfer. So whether you are an adventurous beginner or an airy professional, with indoor surfing everyone gets their money’s worth.

Our selection ranges from single 60-minute surf sessions to 3-hour surf courses, to exclusive sessions, kids sessions for our young surfers and multipasses for an almost unlimited surfing experience. Select the “surf now” category for scheduled surf sessions within the next 14 days and “surf vouchers” for unscheduled sessions, multipasses, and gift vouchers.


Surf Courses

We will get you on the board!

You have never stood on a surfboard before and would like to get to experience the love for surfing or practice for your next surf vacation?

At Wellenwerk you have the opportunity to take part in surf lessons for beginner and advanced surfers. A surf course lasts 3 hours. The needed equipment, such as surfboards, wetsuits and helmets is provided by us. Surf courses include a theory lesson between the two hours on the wave.

Thanks to the artificial wave in our indoor surf arena, you can surf all year round. That way you will become an excellent surfer and will become ready for your next surf vacation in no time.


Surf Sessions

Surfing for beginners, intermediates and pros!

We offer surf sessions for beginners, advanced and professional surfers, as well as kids sessions for our young surfers. During these individual sessions, you will surf the wave in small groups and in succession.

By default, a surf session at Wellenwerk lasts 60 minutes. Surfboards and wetsuits are included within beginner and advanced surf sessions. Within these session the wave height and flow speed can be individually adapted to the needs of the surfer. Spectators are always welcome and are able to enjoy the offers of our restaurant and bar.

Book a sessions now or find out more about our individual sessions and find your own surf level by clicking the link below.



When you can`t get enough!

A single Session is not enough? We also offer multipasses with a package of 5x, 10x, 20x and 50x Surf Sessions!

All multiple cards can be redeemed for all levels of surfing from beginner to pro. Multipasses are redeemable in your customer portal, where you can choose individual surf dates as well as your surfing level for each individual surf session.

Choose your multipass now for an almost unlimited surfing experience!



Kids Sessions

For our young surfers.

We also offer kids sessions for our young surfers between 8 – 14 years old.

The wave height will be around 1-1.10 meters during this 1-hour surf session. Surfboards and wetsuits will be included. During the beginning, an additional handrail provides additional safety and helps to get a feeling for surfboard and wave.

Our surf coaches will always be there to help you enter the wave and give tipps, if needed.

Check out our calendar to see when we offer our kids sessions.




Give away a unique experience: Surfing in Berlin!

The ultimate gift for the adventurous. Gift your friends and family members an unforgettable surfing experience.

The listed vouchers can be redeemed for surf sessions, multiple cards, surf courses and for products in our shop. You can apply the vouchers for all products within our online shop.

If you are not sure which product or activity is the right one for you, then one of our vouchers is the answer for you.




  • With or without handrail available
  • Previous experience: no or little surfing on a standing wave
  • Material for surfing is provided
  • Entry assistance and supervision by surf instructor
  • First attempts with optional handrail
  • Wave height: ca. 1.10 meters


  • Previous experience: prior surfing experience on a standing wave / entry works safely and independently
  • Material is provided
  • Supervision by surf instructor
  • Wave height: ca. 1.30 meters



  • Previous experience: prior surfing experience on standing wave needed
  • Surfing with own material (rental of needed equipment possible)
  • No supervision by surf instructor
  • Wave height: ca. 1.60 meters
iconSurfing all year roud
iconSurfing in small groups
iconTeaching in theory and practice
iconHigh quality material
iconSurfing for all levels

Contact us

Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH

Address: Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Berlin
Public transport: Tram M6 Genslerstraße

Opening Hours: from 02.06.20

The opening times can vary. Please check our availabilities through our booking system.

Do you have any questions? All answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. If you can’t find your answer there, please send us an email.

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