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Berlin’s first surf arena – press release

Surfing in Berlin? Sounds utopian, but it isn’t. Berlin’s first indoor surf arena opened in November 2019 and has been attracting Berliners and tourists to Lichtenberg ever since. Behind this project is a seven-person team that has come together to build a real surfing paradise on the former grounds of the Berliner Wasserbetriebe at Landsberger Allee 270. The young entrepreneurs, all between 25 and 35 years old, used a large part of their equity, but also bank financing and state subsidies.

With the citywave® wave technology, Wellenwerk offers a real alternative to the seaside of this world – and only seven minutes by car from Alexanderplatz.
Similar projects in Switzerland and Munich show how well the offer is being accepted by the population.

In addition to the actual surfing, visitors to the Berliner Wellenwerk are served even more good reasons to come back. This is ensured by Robert Havemann, himself one of the managing directors of the Wellenwerk and co-owner of the “Scene Restaurant 2016” RosaLisbert and the “Mixology Bar of the Year 2019” Velvet.

In the summer of 2020, the “Deus Temple Berlin” opened within Wellenwerk. The Australian franchise is known worldwide among surfers for its lifestyle brand. This connects the surfing world with the motorcycle scene and spans the spectrum from gastronomy to shopping and events. In the exclusive flagship, the Deus Temple Berlin delights its guests with a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a shop and a large beer garden for events.

Wellenwerk is fully geared towards the comfort of its visitors. The wave machine of the Wellenwerk is suitable for all types of surfboards. You can also surf with bodyboards. You can bring your own boards, but they are not a must. Surf lessons are available for € 59.90 and come with a surfboard and instructor. People of almost all age groups and skill levels, even people with physical limitations, can use the system. An optional handrail enables visitors without prior knowledge to experience success from the first attempt, which, compared to surfing in the great outdoors, almost eliminates the high risk of frustration and injuries.

The citywave® is also suitable as a training wave for professional surfers. Since the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan, where surfing is listed as a discipline for the first time, competitions at the local, national and international level trained at Wellenwerk.
In the 1000 square meter hall, a ten meter wide and 18 meter long pool with a so-called “deepwater wave” was created.

Sustainable use of resources is an essential part of the Wellenwerk concept. The entire system is operated with green electricity, which shoots the water over an adjustable ramp, which can create a wave up to 1.6 meters high.
Thanks to an innovative heat recovery system, no energy is lost, but is used to heat the entire hall and the domestic water. In addition to the citywave® as the main attraction and the wide-ranging gastronomic offer of the Deus Temple, a motorcycle forge and a surfboard workshop were also built.


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