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Wellenwerk: A Fresh Swell Breaks in Berlin!

The wait is finally over for the surfers of Berlin: On November 22nd, 2019, the first indoor surf arena in the German capital opens its doors. The artificial wave, built on the site of `Berliner Wasserbetriebe ́, is a mere ten-minute car-ride from Alexanderplatz, is suitable for all surfing styles, from bodyboards to thrusters, and built with a focus on sustainability.

On November 22nd, 2019, the Wellenwerk indoor surf arena opens in Landsberger Allee 270, a former pumping station and historic monument: Events and dining areas will follow soon. The latest citywave® technology will offer local surfers constant waves that are independent of swell and weather conditions in their own backyard. It is the biggest indoor wave in the world, breaking at 1.60 meters and the widest in Germany, at 8.5 meters in width. The pool is 18 meters long and the water and air are a constant 25 degrees Celsius.

Sustainability is key to the Wellenwerk concept: The facility operates on 100% green hydro-electricity, with water being shot over an adjustable ramp to generate the constant, stationary wave. An innovative heat recovery system also heats the hall, water, and neighboring buildings, ensuring that as well as providing an inner-city surf spot the wave also does its bit to preserve the environment that makes real waves in the wild.

The standing wave is suitable for all sorts of wave riding tools, from thrusters to bodyboards, and customers can either bring their own boards or rent one onsite. A one-hour session within a group costs €39.90, plus a €2 eco-electricity fee – this includes rental gear and a surf coach.

Anyone can surf the wave, from 8 to 80 years and beginners to professionals of all ages and skill levels. There is an optional handrail that newbies can use to enhance stability and confidence from the get-go, which makes the initial experience of riding waves safer and more fun.

Surfing will be a discipline of the Japan 2020 Olympic Games, and the citywave® at Wellenwerk will provide consistent waves for pros to train, as well as a spot for national and international competitions to be held.

The Wellenwerk is a project initiated by seven friends and start-up entrepreneurs from Berlin that joined forces to convert the historic site into a true surfers’ paradise.

Surfs up Berlin!



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