Surfing offers for Kids

Big fun for small surfers

Our junior surfers can participate in our Kids Surf & Splash Sessions from the age of 6.

A highlight of the Kids Sessions is the splash session before surfing. For our little surfers, this means more time in the water and easier acclimatization to surfing on the wave.

We also offer skate & surf camps, during the holidays, from the age of 9. In addition to surf skate courses and a baking course, the children can immerse themselves into the world of indoor surfing within 4 days!

See all our surf offers for kids below:

Kids Surf & Splash Session

90-minute indoor surfing experience for kids ages 6 and up.

Participation from 30 kg

+ Surf equipment

+ Splash session

+ handrail 

+ 1 Surf session (45 min)

Kinder Surfcamp 2022

Kids Multipass

This multipass includes 5 Kids Sessions.

Participation from 30 kg

+ Surf equipment

+ 5 Sessions 

+ Choose dates in your customer portal

+ Splash Sessions

Kinder planschen im Wellenbecken beim Surfcamp

Surf- & Skatecamp (Summer)

4-day surf and skate camp during the holidays.

Participation from 9 years

+ Surf equipment

+ daily surf sessions

+ Surfskate course

+ Pizza / Pasta cooking course

kids during the surf camp at Wellenwerk Berlin

surfing during school holidays

During the school holidays, we offer a very special experience: the surf & skate camp for kids!

Within 4 days, you get to know the full world of surfing. Besides the daily surf sessions, some highlights of the surf camp are, the surf skate course, a graffiti painting course and a pizza baking / pasta cooking course!
Between the surf sessions, there is plenty of time for fun and games.

The surf camps are suitable for all surfers between 9 – 16 years and from at least 30 kg. The next camps will take place during the summer holidays in 2023. For more information about our surf camps, please click here.

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Surfing all year around
Logo für Surfen in kleinen Gruppen
Surfing in small groups
Teaching in theory and practice
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High quality material
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Surfing for all levels
Pizza baking class

Kids Birthday Sessions

For the next children’s birthday party, you can also rent our wave exclusively.

Before the surf session, all children are equipped with a surfboard, wetsuit and helmet by our surf coaches. After a short briefing, it’s time to hit the wave!
Within all Kids Sessions, a holding bar at the beginning of the session enables the first experience of success.

For participation in all kids’ sessions, written permission from a parent or guardian is required.

Here are two options for kids:

Book an Exklusiv Session (12 Kids)
  • 45-minute Surf Session
  • incl. Surf equipment
  • You can find and book Exclusiv Sessions directly through our surf calendar. Booking of an Exclusiv Session is only possible outside of our opening hours.

Book a Kids Surf & Splash Session
49,90€ per Kid
  • Splash Session (45 Min) + Surf Session (45 Min)
  • incl. Surf equipment
  • You can book into the Kids Session in our surfing calendar. If you are in small company, you surf the wave together with other children.