Rent the Wellenwerk exclusively for a birthday party or team event

exclusive surf session

Are you looking for a sporty team event with lots of fun and a change from everyday life or do you want to celebrate a very special birthday with your friends?

At Wellenwerk we offer exclusive sessions for every surf level from kids to pro level! Within exclusive sessions, you have the wave all to yourself and can thus individually determine the level and the associated wave height and flow speed. If necessary, a handrail can be attached for additional safety within children’s and beginners’ sessions.

You will receive the necessary surfing equipment (surfboards, wetsuits and possibly helmets) from our surf coaches, who will be by your side during the sessions and help you get started in the kids & beginners sessions so that you can quickly become surf professionals.

After surfing, you can refresh yourself with a freshly tapped beer at the bar or enjoy many delicious dishes from our restaurant. You always have a perfect view of the wave.

⬇︎ Depending on the level, you can book a session directly via our exclusive surfing calendar. If you are interested in a session outside of the opening times or would like to make a restaurant reservation afterward, please send us an inquiry using the contact form.

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Surfing all year around
Logo für Surfen in kleinen Gruppen
Surfing in small groups
Teaching in theory and practice
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High quality materials
Logo für Surfen für jedes Level
Surfing for all levels


  • Warm-up
  • Bookable with handrail for first half hour or without 
  • Prerequisite: little or no surfing experience on a standing wave
  • Surfboard and wetsuit is provided
  • Getting started and support from 2 surf instructors
  • Wave height: approx. 1.10 meters
  • Free drink
  • Videostream after the session


  • Warm-up
  • Prerequisite: already surfing a standing wave. Entry works safely and independently.
  • Surfing material is provided
  • Supervision by 1 surf instructor
  • Wave height: approx. 1.30 meters
  • Free drink
  • Videostream after the session


  • Warm-up
  • Prerequisite: safe, independent surfing on a standing wave.
  • Surf equipment is provided
  • no support from surf coaches!
  • Wave height: approx. 1.60 meters
  • Free drink
  • Videostream after the session