The surf coach is helping a beginner to surf during the surf course at Wellenwerk Berlin

Beginner Surf course

You have never stood on a surfboard, but always wanted to try it out? Book yourself a beginner surf course and get to know the world of surfing.

Up to 12 participants can take part in the 3-hour surf course. Before the first surf lesson, you will be instructed by our surf coach and will receive the right board and wetsuit from us.

At the beginning of the course, a handrail is integrated into the pool, which gives you a feel for the surfboard and the wave. Our surf coaches are always by your side and help you to make progress as quickly as possible. After the first lesson, you will learn theory (takes place in German), where you get numerous tips that you can use within the second lesson for first turns and independent rides without a handrail on the standing wave.

With our surf instructors, you will become a real pro in just a few hours.

⬇︎ Secure a place here in the beginners surf course and learn to surf.

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