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Indoor Surfing at Wellenwerk

Never landlocked again!

When surfing on our artificial indoor wave, the fun factor and unique body feeling are the most important. Not only the wave height but also the flow speed can be individually adapted to the surfers needs. So whether you are an adventurous beginner or a casual pro surfer, everyone gets their money’s worth with indoor surfing.

The wave system is independent of the weather, offers warm water temperatures of 26° C and optimal water depth for authentic surfing with Finns. The surfing fun is suitable for all surfers from 10 years of age or from 40 kg and does not require any previous experience. For our little surfers: we offer kids sessions from 6 years / 30 kg.

Dare your first attempts on a surfboard with the surf sessions offered here.

Surfer steht auf einer stehenden Welle während ein Zuschauer von der Seite zuguckt

Surf sessions

sessions for beginner, advanced and pro surfers

We offer surfing experiences on different levels from beginner, to beginner without handrail, advanced – pro, as well as kids for our young surfers.

Within the 90-minute Kids Sessions at the weekend, a splash session in the pool is now added.
For our young surfers, this means more time in the water and an easier introduction to surfing on the wave. Before they get on the board, we equip them all with a surfboard, wetsuit and helmet. Then it’s off into the water, first with a handrail. Two surf coaches are always by your side, giving tips and helping you get on the surfboard and into the wave.
The rental of surfboards, wetsuits and helmets is included in the session. Afterwards you can enjoy a free drink and watch a video stream of the last session to review and learn for your next sessions.

Spectators are always welcome and can enjoy our restaurant and bar menu while watching.

⬇︎ Here you can read more about the different sessions and choose your surf level.

kids during the surf camp at Wellenwerk Berlin

Surfing for kids

for our young surfers

For our young surfers, we offer kids sessions from 6 years / 30 kg in Wellenwerk.

During the 1-hour kids sessions, the children learn to surf initially using a handrail. Two surf coaches are always at the side, giving tips and helping them get on the surfboard and into the wave. The rental of surfboards, wetsuits and helmets is included in the kids surf lesson.

The wave can also be booked and surfed exclusively for the next children’s birthday party.

⬇︎ Here you can find out more about our surfing offers for children.

Surfcoach hilft einem Surfkurs Teilnehmer in die Welle

Beginner surf course

We`ll get you on board!

You have never stood on a surfboard, want to get to know the love of surfing or practice for your surf vacation? Then this beginner surf course is the right choice!

Within our surf course for beginners, you will be introduced to the world of surfing step by step. The course lasts 3 hours and includes 2 surf sessions. Between the two surf lessons, you will learn the theory of surfing from our surf coaches and receive important tips. Surfboards & wetsuits and, if necessary, helmets are provided by us.

Thanks to the artificial wave in our indoor surfing arena, you can attend our courses all year round – so you will quickly become a pro.

⬇︎ Here you can find out more about our surf course for starters.

intensiv surf coaching

Intensive surf coaching

with Valeska Schneider

For all surfers who have already reached the advanced / pro level and want to improve their technique on standing waves, as well as sea surfing or learn new tricks, an intensive surf coaching is exactly the right choice.

The intensive coaching is led by ISA Surfcoach and German Vice-Champion Valeska Schneider and can be booked by 7 participants. The surf course starts with an hour of theory and dry exercises, followed by an hour of surfing on the wave and a video analysis afterward.

⬇︎ Here you can find more information about Valeska`s coaching.

two surfers bodysurf on standing wave

exclusive surfing

if you can`t get enough

Are you looking for a unique experience for you and your friends or for the next team event? With our exclusive session, you can rent the wave just for yourself!

The wave height and flow speed of the wave can be individually adapted to all surfers and are therefore suitable for kids, beginners, advanced and professional surfers. If required, we can also provide a handrail for beginners. Our surf coaches help you individually and are at your side at all times. All equipment is included.

Exclusive sessions should be requested 14 days in advance. Send your request to if you are interested in an exclusive session or book directly via our calendar. ⬇︎

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surfing all year round
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surfing in small groups
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high quality equipment
theory & practice
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video coaching
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surfing for all levels

Beginner Level

  • Warm-up
  • Bookable with handrail for first half hour or without
  • Prerequisite: little or no surfing experience on a standing wave
  • Surfboard and wetsuit is provided
  • Getting started and support from 2 surf instructors
  • Wave height: approx. 1.10 meters
  • Free drink
  • Videostream after the session

Advanced Level

  • Warm-up
  • Prerequisite: already surfing a standing wave. Entry works safely and independently.
  • Surfing material is provided
  • Supervision by 1 surf instructor
  • Wave height: approx. 1.30 meters
  • Free drink
  • Videostream after the session

Pro Level

  • Warm-up
  • Prerequisite: safe, independent surfing on a standing wave.
  • Surf equipment is provided
  • no support from surf coaches!
  • Wave height: approx. 1.60 meters
  • Free drink
  • Videostream after the session