Teamevent Surfen

Your Teamevent at Wellenwerk & Deus Temple

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience, for active team events in Berlin or a sporty team-building idea for your company? Our indoor surf hall offers the perfect place for your next team event!

We offer indoor team surf sessions, graffiti courses, pizza baking courses and much more for a very special company party. Our offers listed below can be put together individually and combined with our gastronomy offers.

If you are interested, you can request a non-binding offer here.

If you are already looking for a special location for the next summer festival or your Christmas party, you can find out more about our event location here.

Teamevent Surfen

Team Surf as a teambuilding exercise (1.5h)

A team building surf session at Wellenwerk offers you an event where you can leave everyday office life behind you and create new successes together. You`ll surf on our wave as a team and experience the ultimate surfing experience together that will surely be remembered for a long time!

12 people can surf on our artificial wave per team session and with the help of our surf instructors at your side, you will quickly achieve joint success. This unforgettable team building offers you lots of fun in Berlin. After the surf session, our restaurant and bar offer you a nice ambience with delicious food and drinks, while overlooking the wave.

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Indoor surfing as a team event for up to 12 people per surf session

1.5-hour surfing experience for beginners – pro level


Surfing experience for beginners
– Week price: 749€ gross per session
– Weekend price: 849€ gross per session

Surfing experience for advanced surfers – professional surfers
– Week price: 649€ gross per session
– Weekend price: 749€ gross per session

Can be combined with all drink flat rate packages.

Graffiti Kurs Teamevent

Graffity course teamevent (3 hours)

In front of the screen, we are all the same! This is exactly why fun, excitement and a sense of togetherness are the top priorities at our team building event in Berlin. In joint planning, we put together a detailed event concept that is ideally tailored to your company.

You will be provided with creative ideas and the main ingredient of the event: the spray can! We love and live graffiti and we want to bring you closer to this free art style without giving tough lectures. Equipped with a colorful spray can and our experienced artists, you can really let off steam together on easels, on walls, or even on buses and trains. Get out of the office – get on the blank wall.

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Pizza backen Teamevent

Pizza baking course (3 hours)

If you fancy a culinary team-building experience, you’ll love our pizza baking course. Here you can work hand in hand as a team and get an insight into the world of pizza bakers under the professional guidance of our pizza chef. As part of the pizza baking course, we offer your team freshly made dough, homemade marinara sauce and high-quality ingredients that you can use to top your pizzas yourself.

The pizzas are prepared in our canteen kitchen with vegan dough and vegan sauce, and optionally also with vegan cheese. What was previously baked together will be eaten together at the end in our restaurant, overlooking the surf wave. We provide you with a drinks flat rate (without long drinks) within the team events.

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Up to 12 adults can take part in a course in our kitchen.

3-hour team event including drinks flat rate (without long drinks)
– Price: €350 gross for up to 10 people, then €35 per person (up to a maximum of 12 participants)

Surfskate Teamevent

Surfskate course as teambuilding exercise (2 hours)

Let off steam together as a team and learn to surf skate together! This unique team-building event offers you a sporty balance to everyday work and brings new momentum to your team. Within the Surfskate course, we start with bodyweight exercises aimed at activating and preparing the core stabilizers, balance systems and movement patterns required for surfing.

The second part of the course consists of surf skating on the skate ramps, practicing your speed flow, front/back side turns and getting attuned to your bodies moving and grooving on a board. You will be equipped with the appropriate surf skates by our surf skate trainers, but you can also bring your own boards.

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Up to 10 adults can take part in the team event.

2-hour surfskate course for beginners with a surfskate trainer, including one drink per person (without long drinks) & a portion of fries
– Price: 400€ up to 10 people

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