Corona Rules & FAQs


1. Please keep distance to other guests and don’t’ form crowds. We have enough space so that you can avoid each other.

2. Spectators have to wear a mask during their stay. Please register at our reception.

3. Our changing rooms are open to a maximum of two guests at the same time. The showers may not be used.
In order to avoid waiting times, please arrive freshly showered and change on the platform (for example with a poncho).

2. A distance of at least 3m (two board lengths) must be kept from the next guest while queueing for check-in as well as for the wave. Please stand behind the signs on the floor.

3. After your surf sessions, you are unfortunately not allowed to stay in the gym for the time being.

4. Please download the liability disclaimer and bring it with you, printed, filled and signed.

5. Please obey the rules so that we can continue the operation for you.



Can the new Corona Virus be transmitted through the water?

No. As the Federal Environment Agency said in a statement, this can be ruled out.
Coronaviruses are enveloped RNA viruses (RNA = ribonucleic acid). That means: they have a lipid shell (fat film) that can be dissolved by soap and water or by disinfectant. This will deactivate the viruses.

Can the new Corona Virus be transmitted through the surfing equipment?

No. The surfing equipment is constantly in contact with the chlorine water, which means that it is constantly disinfected or deactivated.

What happens if I have symptoms but have already booked a surf slot?

If you have symptoms of a cold, call us at 030 2149078 at least 24 hours before you start surfing. Please do not visit us if you feel sick.

How do the surf sessions take place?

Surf instructions only take place during the beginner sessions. For your and your protection, our surf coaches wear face protection and gloves. As usual, there can be up to 12 surfers per time slot.

How many people participate in a surf session?

A maximum of 12 people can participate in a surf session at the same time. We have enough space in our surfing area so that we can keep a distance of three meters when queuing. Please obey the rules and keep at least two board lengths distance from the person in front or use the stickers on the floor as a guide.

When do I have to be on-site?

Please be on-site 30 minutes before the start of your session and register at the reception so that you have enough time to change and prepare for your session. Please download the disclaimer, print it out, and bring it filled in and signed. You don’t have a printer? Then please bring your own pen and fill out the disclaimer on site.

What do I have to take with me?

If possible, take your own surf equipment with you. As always, our rental wetsuits are cleaned and disinfected after each use.
Otherwise you only need to take your protective mask, swimming suit, towel and flip flops with you. If you want to use one of our lockers, we need a deposit, such as a photo ID.

Can I use the locker room on-site?

Yes. However, since we can only have two guests in the changing rooms at the same time, it is best if you already arrive on-site ready to surf. If available, we recommend that you take a poncho with you. If necessary, you can also buy one from us at the reception.

Can I take a shower at Wellenwerk?

No, we would ask you to take a shower at home.

Can I buy food?

Until our restaurant opens, there are a few snacks and drinks available at the reception as usual.

Can I bring spectators with me?

Feel free to bring spectators to your session. Please register at the reception.

Contact us

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Address: Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Berlin
Public transport: Tram M6 Genslerstraße

Opening Hours: from 02.06.20

The opening times can vary. Please check our availabilities through our booking system.

Do you have any questions? All answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. If you can’t find your answer there, please send us an email.

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