Surfing in Berlin

Surfing in Berlin is becoming a reality!
The "Wellenwerk" is an indoor surf wave, paired with a restaurant, mixology bar, surf shop, garden as well as motorcycle workshop and will open its doors in spring 2019, close to the city centre!
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The dream becomes reality!

Waves on the horizon

The story begins on a cold, grey November day. “Welcome to Berlin Tegel, the outside temperature is 3 degrees Celsius and it is raining, we would kindly ask you to remain seated until the final parking position is reached…”.

We are still wearing sandals and boardshorts and watch the rain dripping down the airplane window with nothing but disbelief. Our past time in Bali seems unreal, just like we woke up from a distant dream.

A few months later, we are sitting together at the dinner table and play with the idea of building a surf wave in Berlin.
Another year and a lot of work later, there is a potential opening date coming up on the horizon. Our dream of surfing in Berlin becomes reality!

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Contact us

Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH
Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Berlin

Phone: +49 (0)30 204 562 26
General Questions: info@wellenwerk-berlin.de
Booking Questions: booking@wellenwerk-berlin.de

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