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Surfing in Berlin

We are surfing and spectators are allowed again as well! You can book your surf session through our booking system as usual.

At Wellenwerk, the first artificial surf wave of Berlin opened in November 2019. This year, a lifestyle-restaurant, surf shop, mixology bar, motorbike workshop, beer garden und custom surfboard workshop will open as well and create a new hotspot close to the city center.

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Indoor surfing at Wellenwerk

Experience our artificial wave

Discover the first indoor surf arena in Berlin! Our artificial standing wave is the ultimate experience for surfers of all skill levels.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to go surfing for the first time or if you are a professional surfer already. Our artificial wave enables everyone from 8-80 years to experience the unforgettable feeling of surfing in a safe environment.

Pleasant water temperatures around 26° degrees Celsius and a standing wave with wave heights of up to 1.6 meters offer an authentic surfing experience in the heart of Berlin. As our wave is situated indoors, it’s possible to surf all year round, every day.

Within our 60-minute surf sessions, not just the wave height, but also the flow speed can be individually adapted to the needs of the surfer. So whether you are an adventurous beginner or an airy professional, with indoor surfing everyone gets their money’s worth.

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The dream becomes reality!

Waves on Berlins horizon

The story begins on a cold, grey November day. “Welcome to Berlin Tegel, the outside temperature is 3 degrees Celsius and it is raining. We would kindly ask you to remain seated until the final parking position is reached…”.

We are still wearing sandals and boardshorts and watching the rain dripping down the airplane window with nothing but disbelief. Our past time in Bali seems unreal as if we woke up from a distant dream.

A few months later, we are sitting together at the dinner table and playing with the idea of building a surf wave in Berlin.
Another two years and a lot of work later, there is a potential opening date coming up on the horizon. Our dream of surfing in Berlin becomes a reality!

More information about our wave technology, our sustainability concepts, and our offers can be found here.

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Pre-Ticket Sale - Construction Progress - Opening Date

Contact us

Wellenwerk Berlin GmbH

Address: Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Berlin
Public transport: Tram M6 Genslerstraße

Opening Hours: from 02.06.20

The opening times can vary. Please check our availabilities through our booking system. Please note that non-surfing visitors are currently not allowed.

Do you have any questions? All answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. If you can’t find an answer there, please send us an email.

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